One of the leading rugby playing schools in Kandy St. Sylvester’s College has done well this season

All school rugby teams from Kandy have confirmed their participation in the second round of the inter-school under-20 league rugby tournament. The inter-school league rugby tournament is organized by the Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Association. There was a time when some of these Kandy schools were successful in rugby.

What schools need today is the services of knowledgeable coaches and those with credentials to fit in as Master in Charge. Individuals who know the game and are passionate about serving the game should be hired. People hired for these two posts must also be ones who care about players (on and off the field). They should take steps to curtail parents from being present at practice venues. In every school the old boys provide a big support. These parents wish to see their offspring represent the country one day. It is essential that players get to train in the right environment, if they are to make steady progress.

To make school rugby successful, the function of referees must be smooth. Referees also must be competent. Getting the referees to function properly is a difficult task. A competent referee helps speed up the game. The outcome of the game should depend on how the players play the game, not on how well the referee officiated in the game. Poor refereeing can spoil a game. The referee’s decisions are always subject to public criticism.

Referees are never spared by Sri Lankan spectators when they make blunders. If the game is running smooth, the urge doesn’t arise in us to check whether a referee is officiating. This is however only a figurative expression. How should referees be judged? Their main job is to ensure that the game is played according to the rules and regulations and intervene only when necessary. In other words this is as little as possible.

This time St. Sylvester’s College, the only school from Kandy that won all its matches in the first round, is playing in the Division I Segment “1C”. This school has limited facilities.
On Tuesday over here in Kandy, St. Sylvester’s College went down fighting to St. John’s College. The match was played at Bogambara Stadium.

Some of the teams from Kandy which are contesting the Plate Championships are Dharmaraja College and Kingswood College, a school which yet to taste victory this season.

The schools from Kandy which are contesting the Cup Championships are Trinity and St. Anthony’s Katugastota. St. Anthony’s College was promoted to Division I after a lapse of three long years. Another school from Kandy, Vidyartha College, is contesting the Bowl Championship.