The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) called on political parties represented in the Parliament to take immediate disciplinary action against MPs who have engaged in assaulting MPs, MPs who have used unparliamentary language and against Chief Minister of the Eastern Province, Z.A. Nazeer Ahamed.

Ahamed had at a prize giving event at the Sampur Maha Vidyalaya attended by Chief Guests, Governor of the Eastern Province, Austin Fernando and United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Atul Keshap, to which Ahamed had not been invited by the organizers but by Fernando, was seen and heard verbally abusing and inappropriately rebuking an officer of the Navy who was the compere of the function in an uncalled for manner.

JVP MP Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa said that they did not approve of Ahamed’s arrogance and uncouth and uncultivated behaviour.

Whilst vehemently condemning such behaviour, we praise the Naval officer’s patience which safeguarded the country’s respect, he added.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and President Maithripala Sirisena instead of just blabbering about yahapalanaya (good governance), should in action prove yahapalanaya, he noted, adding that this was one instance where they could do so.

Ahamed must at least be brought to Colombo and warned, he explained.

“We will question Wickremesinghe in Parliament about what action will be taken against Ahamed. This is not a good precedent. This could result in State and Government officers and public officials in the Northern and Eastern Provinces not being able to conduct their duties and fulfil their responsibilities. The political authority must take urgent disciplinary action. In the Parliament, there are MPs who have assaulted MPs and MPs who have used unparliamentary language. Political parties must take urgent disciplinary action,” he observed.

Leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), Minister Rauf Hakeem, National Organizer of the SLMC, Shafeeq Rajabdeen, Chairman of the SLMC, Bashir Segu Dawood and Party Member Hasan Ali were not available for a comment.
(RL J)