Civil society organizations last week called for action to be taken against former Inspector General of Police (IGP), N.K. Illangakoon if there was evidence found of his involvement in the cover-up of the murder of ruggerite, Wasim Thajudeen.

Former Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police, Anura Senanayake was recently arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department for withholding information pertaining to the murder. Previously, the former Narahenpita Police Officer-in-Charge of Crimes was arrested in relation to the case.

it was reported on a news website that the investigators had uncovered that Senanayake who was implicated in the cover-up had closed the case concerning the death of Thajudeen as one resulting from a motor traffic related road accident, with the approval of Illangakoon, the then IGP. Illangakoon retired last month.

The National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ) and Purawesi Balaya (PB) observed that they had informed all relevant authorities that all those responsible in the Thajudeen case should be brought to book.

Member of the General Committee of the NMSJ and Co-Convener of the PB, Saman Ratnapriya said that they had known of Senanayake’s involvement in the matter, a fact which had been corroborated by information provided and evidence given by Police officers junior to Senanayake.

“At the moment, we do not know whether Illangakoon is involved. The Attorney General and the incumbent IGP is acting correctly with regard to the Thajudeen investigation. This is good. If there is evidence attesting to Illangakoon’s involvement, action should definitely be taken against him,” he added.
(RL J)