Ever since the song released four months ago on January 17, frenzy surrounding it hasn’t decreased one bit. It has continued to be a hit single from day 1. The song’s official video has garnered 1,26,02,778 views since its release and has all the potential to follow suit with Why This Kolaveri. The question is, does the song have enough firepower to continue its four month streak and do what Why This Kolaveri has done in 4 years?
The answer is probably yes. Ever since the release, Thalli Pogathey has been on top of the list in the Radio Aircheck rating which is based on the number of times a certain song is played by radio channels. The song has been played for a whopping 1500 times since its release, a number which hasn’t been neared by any other single in recent times. Social Media has been adept with cover versions and remakes of the song, including one by STR himself.