Shunichiro Mizukami

As Sri Lanka is working towards establishing the country as a Maritime Hub in the region, the Chairman and Managing Director of NYK Group South Asia (Pvt) Ltd, Shunichiro Mizukami last week vouched the island has immense potential for growth in the shipping industry due to its strategic geographic position. Addressing the WISTA-CASA Asia Shipping Conference 2016, held in Colombo recently, Mizukami, who has over 30 years of experience in the shipping industry, said that Colombo is expected to play an important role in rationalizing container shipping in the region especially with the imminent addition of more ships of over 10,000 TEU capacity.

“Colombo’s destiny is in its own hands” and added “the country should strive to establish a low cost and high productivity center, not only as a regional hub and spoke center, but as a longer term, deep sea Mainline to Mainline transshipment model,” Mizukami said at the forum which addressed topics related to emerging trends in Shipping and Logistics, making it an opportunity for regional knowledge sharing.

Mizukami also highlighted that “the Hub and Spoke model will play a significant role in the future of shipping in Sri Lanka.”

NYK’s presence at the port of Colombo has lasted for over 100 years with the company playing a key role in developing the shipping industry in Sri Lanka.