Man’s life on this earth is short and he endeavours to make the best use of his/her earthly life as a human. It is the fervent wish of everyone to lead a healthy and peaceful life. He works hard to enjoy the benefits of this human life. One needs money to live in this world and for the basic necessities of a roof to live under, a transport vehicle, good food, etc. etc. Amidst great obstacles he works hard in his prime of life and his wish is to enjoy the fruits of this hard labour later in the retired life.

He realizes life is not a bed of roses neither a bed of thorns and accordingly labours. Today, there is hardly any savings except for the gratuity one may receive, the savings of E. P. F. and E. T. F. or a meagre pension. The cost of living is so high (what can Rs.1,000 bring these days, before you turn it is gone.) In addition, the core of one’s earnings is spent in hospitals and motor garages.

The Medical Forum is so costly that many tests are done not connected to your ailment and the hard earned money is lost. Also the motor car garage charges are so exorbitant that drains your hard-earned money.

A friend of mine had some problems with his car A/C and was put right in two days’ time with a whopping bill for Rs.40,000 saying various parts were replaced. The hospitals and motor garages are the most expensive where one’s hard earned money is plundered.
So beware not to fall sick (immunity diminishes with age) and as far as possible avoid hospitals. It is advisable to eat healthy foods (preferably organic, avoid red meat) and use state transport or any other form, live peacefully and save as much as possible for a rainy day to enjoy the fruits of your labour in a retired life in tranquility with nature.

One is sure to grow old and in old age one cannot do what he did at 30 years of age. One has to face this stage in this earthly life, grow old gracefully to enjoy the fruits of his labour. Let’s assume one lives for 75 years, of this 20 years is spent in studies, etc and another 20 years with family responsibilities, another 10 years in trials and tribulations, only 25 years to enjoy. Also, if you sleep 8 hours a day, then you are spending 25 years in sleep. Sleep less (6 hours would do!) and see more life. Enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Live life to the fullest, enjoy the gift of life as a human being, not merely existing but create sensation in this short life, be a legend leaving a rich legacy, pleasant memories for the next generation to enjoy.
Kingsley Durairaj