Strong customer focus, innovative marketing, a motivated sales / technical force, a loyal dealer network and value-for-money products have been the hallmark of Stafford Motor Company (Pvt) Limited and the remarkable success of Brand Honda in the two-wheeler market.

This careful attention to the customer’s needs, and continuous upgrading of sales and after-sales operations, has brought positive results.

In fiscal year 2014/15, Honda two-wheeler registrations exceeded the previous year performance by over 18,000 units, while the YOY growth for 2015/16 has been outstanding, recording a remarkable 55.13%.  Honda regained the market leadership it earlier enjoyed by achieving the highest number of unit registrations  –  over 9000  –  of any single two-wheeler brand in Sri Lanka for the closing month of the year, March 2016, displaying optimism for sustained future growth.

Stafford CEO, Dr. Kalinga Kaluperuma recognizes the people behind the achievement, “My thanks to all our Dealers  –  Sales, Service and Spares, Field Representatives, Technical Staff, Marketing team and everyone at Stafford for their outstanding performance and, of course to-all those you see riding around happily on Honda two wheelers.”

“We listen to the customer very closely, selecting our model portfolio to suit our users,” said Director Motorcycles and Power Products of Stafford Charaka Perera.

In a brilliant demonstration to prove and underline the fuel efficiency of Honda engines Stafford Motor boldly went out to the market. The Company’s 2015 Activai Fuel Efficiency campaign clearly showed the benefits of HET, most owners’ scooters returning 70 plus km/l range, one topping out at a record 82 km/l (1.22 litres per 100 km).  These tests were run under real-world conditions.

The vision and aspiration of Stafford Motor Company (Pvt) Limited kick-started a carefully designed expansion programme across the board in 2015.  The Stafford-Honda country-wide Dealer network saw planned growth, the new flagship Sales Centre at Raththanapitiya was established, a cutting-edge two-wheeler assembly and transport facility is underway, an instant-delivery spare parts handling system is in action, and the Stafford-Honda dedicated Spare Parts Centre in Colombo’s motor spares district is now operational.

Suranjith Nanayakkara, Deputy General Manager of Stafford says: “Honda scooter sales are growing.  Honda scooters suit both genders and a safety consideration is rider protection provided by the scooter’s front body panels and easy maneuverability. Other strong selling points are the exceptional fuel economy, load carrying capability, utility, and family suitability.”