When doing the gardening sometimes the sun comes up and it becomes quite hot and glary. I wear a straw hat which protects me from being scorched by the heat and glare.
Made me wonder, we live in a very sunny country and these days we are assaulted with quite bit of high temperature. The heat is telling on all of us. Carrying an umbrella is not always easy. Like in countries like China and Cambodia, where people wear straw hats as routine, why not we too adopt this simple method? It is light, elegant and cheap. We see similar hats being worn in Nuwara Eliya by hi-fi ladies as a symbol of fashion, why not we, the ordinary people, wear it? Same with sunglasses too. Certainly, it will protect us from glare which makes all of us squint our eyes while walking on the roads.

We Sri Lankans while aping and gaping the west also shy away from habits of the hoity-toity though it can profit us. Why should we? After all we must embrace what helps us whoever invented or utilized it.
Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai