Sri Lanka’s International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) is certainly by far Sri Lanka’s leading tertiary institute that provides immense opportunities for students who wish to pursue their careers in the fields of Nursing, Physiotherapy, Bio Medical and Management. The courses offered by IIHS allow students to enroll in programs ranging from a Diploma Level to PhD levels at extremely cost effective prices. With an academic faculty that consists of locally and internationally qualified lecturers, IIHS ensures that students are provided with the chance to receive a holistic education encompassing research, knowledge, skill and practice Whilst each course is created to be at par with the standards of those of international curricula, the programs provide pathways for the student to continue his/her education in Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America and Malaysia. In relation to the Diploma programs that are completed at IIHS, pathways open in world class universities to complete the courses with a Bachelor’s and/or Masters Certificate. Whilst these courses open doors for students to gain qualifications from world class institutes, they will similarly be able to be a part of the growing international healthcare and management workforce.