LG has added a new 15kg large capacity washing machine to its commercial washing machine range. LG WMFHOC7FD3 is a large capacity front loading washing machine with Inverter Direct Drive and is ideally suited for Hotels, Restaurants, Laundries and Industrial use.

It has a unique Atomizing System which sprays water on to the clothes and the door through a nozzle. This helps to produce a rapid fill which enables the clothes to soak faster and longer, providing a better washing performance. It also cleans the door glass every time the water sprays on it, reducing the burden of cleaning off any excess soap residue.

This machine also has efficient Intelligent Electronic Controls, Heating System, Drain System, Emergency Stop Button, Stainless Steel Drum and Porcelain Top Plate.
Energy Saving LG Commercial Washing Machines are ENERGY STAR qualified, meeting stringent industry standards of energy efficiency. LG Commercial Washing Machines and Dryers are heavy duty, tough and durable designed for continuous use in commercial and industrial purposes. The Washers have large drums which enable more tumbling action and greater centrifugal force, with less tangling and wrinkling of the laundry. They can conveniently take heavier loads such as king size comforters, blankets and curtains.

Also in the LG Commercial Laundry range is the 10.2kg Washer, model F1069FD3S is a front loading machine while the Dryer model RV1329A4S has the capacity to take a 10kg load at a time. LG Commercial Washing Machines and Dryers are designed with a premium powder coated finish which creates the same durability as it does when painting a car. It’s long lasting and provides an easy to clean exterior. The front access panel is constructed of strong coated steel to enhance reliability.

LG Commercial Washing Machines and Dryers are available at sole agent Abans Showrooms and Authorized Dealers Islandwide.