Johnson’s Baby surprised over 100 moms who welcomed their bundle of joy on Mother’s Day with gifts and mementos. These moms, who were celebrating their very first Mother’s Day with their newborns, were greeted at leading maternity hospitals like Castle Street Hospital, Joseph Frazer Hospital, Durdans Hospital and Lanka Hospitals. Johnson’s Baby made the day extra special by creating family portraits to commemorate the occasion.

Moms really loved the portraits and the gesture from their favourite brand.  Johnson’s Baby is recognized as a brand that millions of moms all over the world trust for creating products that are safe, mild and effective. For the 4th consecutive year, Johnson’s Baby has been ranked as No. 1 Baby Care brand in Sri Lanka, by Brand Annual, among the unlisted brands. Johnson’s Baby has a heritage of more than 125 years globally and a legacy of more than 50 years in Sri Lanka.