A farmer pours fresh milk into Promethean’s chiller at Doluwa, Sri Lanka

Promethean Power Systems and Fonterra, the dairy co-operative behind Anchor milk brand, have partnered to introduce a new rapid milk chilling technology that will drastically improve the quality of Sri Lankan milk.

In just a matter of seconds, Promethean Power Systems’ rapid chillers chill the milk that the farmers deliver to their local collection centers. The technology—the first of its kind—uses an innovative thermal energy storage device to overcome limited and sometimes unreliable electricity supply in rural areas.

The milk chiller is being piloted at Fonterra’s milk collection centre in Doluwa, with plans to roll out the technology across Fonterra’s milk collection network across Sri Lanka.
Saman Perera, Fonterra’s Dairy Development Programme Manager, said: “Fonterra is committed to working with Sri Lankan dairy farmers to improve milk quality and increase local supply, however Sri Lanka’s hot climate and low milk density means that getting milk quickly to the right temperature can be a challenge.”

Promethean Power Systems manufactures a range of milk chillers which are quickly being adopted in other countries, such as India, because of their ability to chill the milk rapidly to four degrees Celsius using limited grid power.

“An important part of our efforts to improve milk quality is using refrigeration systems that can chill milk in a cost-effective and safe way closer to the rural dairy farmers who supply it. This helps to reduce milk waste in the supply chain, and creates more value for our farmers,” said Perera.

Fonterra milk collection personnel inspect milk before rapidly chilling it
Fonterra milk collection personnel inspect milk before rapidly chilling it