Human rights activists have urged the European Union (EU) to pressure the Government to repeal laws criminalizing homosexuality. The EU recently called on the Government to end discrimination against homosexuals.

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Commercial Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Colombo, Attorney-at-Law Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa added that clauses enshrining and guaranteeing firstly the right to privacy and secondly the rights of transgender persons within the Constitution, must be brought about.

“Thirdly, awareness programmes concerning transgender persons must be conducted for Police Officers-in-Charge and Police sergeants continuously,” he noted.

He said that this must be a step-by-step process and the EU must adopt a ground up approach as opposed to a top down one and instead of issuing plain directives.

“There are cultural, religious and social aspects to this. This happens in both temples and prisons also. Sri Lanka has verbally promised the United Nations Human Rights Council that homosexuality would be decriminalized. We must recognize LGBT rights,” he said.    (RLJ)