The civil society last week criticized the lackluster attitude of the Government on addressing corruption, a fact they said was exemplified by a recent Cabinet decision to refrain from discussing the progress of investigations into bribery and corruption.

The Anti-Corruption Front (ACF) observed that tackling corruption was not about conducting workshops, attending seminars or addressing conferences on such.
“If not the Cabinet, what then is the forum,” Advisor to the ACF, Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon queried, adding that the President, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Government should explain the stance they have at present taken.

Highlighting the issue of the killing of female (she elephants and elephant mothers) elephants, the theft of elephant calves (baby elephants) and their unlawful custody at the hands of the original owners, he questioned as to why Colombo Additional Magistrate, Thilina Gamage was not being arrested in this regard.

“By virtue of the fact that he is a Judge, is he above the law?” he questioned.