Mother Sri Lanka is ailing for a very long time
Allowing her to be so is a willfully committed crime
Political analysts say it is due to communal disharmony
Which costs thousands of lives and shatters her economy.

Politics has become a very lucrative profession
Making it hereditary is some politicians’ ambition
To achieve their aim they go to any extent
After killing their opponents they say it’s an accident.

Request for a Federal form of Government is stale news
North-East Tamil speaking people already endorsed their views
By forming the Federal Party several decades back
The uncared matter causes the country a serious setback.

Constitutions, past and present are babies of majority community
Attention was not paid to the requests of minorities with sincerity
No heed was paid to their genuine, reasonable and earnest request
Adopting wanton aggression and suppression have been their quest.

Politician should be genuine and loyal to all his voters
For they are his benefactors and lifelong masters
Close down your petty mind and open up your sound mind
And change your communal line and vow to serve all mankind.

What’s the big idea of some V.I.Ps boast as patriots to seek?
Green cards, citizenships in the West when they are at political peak
Is it to swindle the public money of our ailing Motherland
And hoard and enjoy there when the time ripe as they planned?

Suspicion surrounds on some gentlemen’s visits to other nations
To erase evidences, transfer hoards, visit friends or relations?
God only knows the real motive of everyone.
The country should be vigilant and shouldn’t take it as a fun.

How long and often we carry our begging bowls to other nations
To effect frequent reconstruction of manmade, unethical destructions?
Beware! There may be a freezing point in extending their assistance
And we may be compelled to suffer more for our own existence.

Adamant and unyielding attitude of some selfish and cunning politicians
Shut the doors to arrive at some reasonable and practicable solutions
Now is the time for them to realize the seriousness of this matter
Or else, the future prospects of our country will go down very   deeper.

To solve our burning problem, Federalism is the majority of the minorities’ desire
Agitation for separation is only a majority’s baseless and imaginative fear
To cure our mother Federal System of Government is the best panacea
And our Sri Lanka will soon become the WONDERLAND IN ASIA.

P.Thavam Rasan
Chavakachcheri North, Thenmaradchi

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