Stephen Goodman | Gelmart Gellecanao | Sujeewa Perera

Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC, recently announced the appointment of Stephen Goodman, Gelmart Gellecanao as Directors and Sujeewa Perera as an Alternate Director.

Stephen Goodman returns to the Board after eight years.  He is currently the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Sewko and of Singer Asia which are Parent Companies of Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC.

Since September 2000, he has served as the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Retail Holdings N.V. Retail Holdings  NV is the ultimate  parent company of Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC.
Gelmart Gellecanao is Vice President – Risk Management of Singer Asia Limited and a member of the Board of Directors of Singer Bangladesh Limited.

Gelmart joined the Singer Corporate office in May 1994 as an International Auditor and was responsible for the audits of Singer’s locations and affiliates.  He also worked as Controller in a number of Singer locations.

Sujeewa Perera is currently the Factory Director – Singer (Sri Lanka) Factory, a position he has held since July 2013.
Sujeewa joined the Singer Group in September 1994 as an Internal Auditor and has risen through the corporate ladder.  He joined Singer (Sri Lanka) Factory as Assistant Accountant in June 1997 and held significant finance titles including Cost Accountant, Management Accountant and Administrative Accountant.