Sampath Amunugama, a known and much admired young artist opened his collection of ‘Lovers’ at the Paradise Road Galleries on April 28. Winner of five awards and hailing from the University of Kelaniya, Sampath Amunugama is currently teaching art at St. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia.

This collection is resplendent of the Artist’s signature style of painting ‘at the moment’. The strong powerful brush strokes with speed convey his emotions aptly on canvass. According to the artist himself, he did not intend to conceptualise the theme but had related to his life’s circumstances and emotions, and in the process realized that his brush strokes drew more on the themes of love and affection.

Set in mostly white and light paper brown, the contrasting colours of white, shades of blue and black with hints of brush splatters enhance and enunciate the subject. Each painting is intense in its own accord. The fervor and emotion behind each painting increase in time as one gazes upon them. The titles of each painting gives a glimpse into what the artist is trying to bring forth, supplementing the viewer’s initial understanding of the work before them.

Elegantly arrayed in gallery, the colour themes of the painting and the gallery itself complemented each other. In the soft yellow glimmer of the flames on the wall, the paintings come to life, playing with the shadows and crevices of the artistically ensemble Paradise Road Gallery leading in to the Café.

It has been said that paintings can fill rooms, whereas drawings cause tension in a room. This tension is pleasantly palpable as you enter the gallery. The exhibition will remain open until May 25. Open daily from 10 am to midnight at Paradise Road Galleries, 2, Alfred House Road, Colombo 3.

Sampath Amunugama (2)