Disability rights activists charged that the Right to Information Bill had overlooked the largest minority group in the country, those with restricted abilities.

Chief Executive and Secretary General of IDIRIYA, Dr. Ajith C.S. Perera said that the right to accessibility did not seem to be guaranteed in the proposed plans for the Megapolis or in terms of the country’s tourism development plans.

Especially those with restricted ability and mobility with regard to the ability to see including the blind and the sight impaired have not been considered at all in any way in this Bill, he noted, adding that such was a major shortcoming in the proposed piece of legislation.

“Where is the Right to Information for the disabled? The needs of the disabled people have not been regarded in this aspect. There is a lack of awareness about this issue. Where is the equality of opportunity? Where is the right to accessibility?,” he queried.
“If the Right to Information Bill is to be amended as per the decision of the Supreme Court, it must include a provision addressing the right of access to information for the disabled,” he observed.
(RL J)