Mindshare Team Unilever continued to dominate the Sri Lankan advertising industry with a record-breaking performance at the recently concluded Effie Awards 2015.

Bagging a total of seven campaign awards, including a Gold Award for its pioneering work on the Sunlight Digital Festival of Lights campaign, Mindshare Team Unilever won widespread praise and recognition among the Effie panel of judges for its creativity in harnessing consumer insights to build a powerful and effective communications strategy.

“The success that our team at Mindshare has been able to generate over the past six months is inspiring. We have been able to really place our philosophy of driving speed, provocation and teamwork to produce compelling media campaigns capable of touching the hearts of Sri Lankans from all walks of life. I wish to register my sincere gratitude to our Client Lead for Mindshare Team Unilever, Bakmee Perera and the entire team behind this great campaign.

The Digital Festival of Lights campaign, which was focused around one of Sri Lanka’s most important religious festivals, Vesak, saw Sunlight utilising the connective power of media and mobile technology to give Sri Lankans from across the island the ability to be a part of the festivities.

Launched across electronic, print and social media, the Sunlight campaign transcended channels, generating an unprecedented number of engagements never before seen in a campaign within a short span of 5 days.