St. Joseph’s College was one of the popular schools playing in the Division 1 tournament to be demoted to Division B (Pic by Venura Chandramalitha )

The completion of the first round matches of the Singer Under 20 Division 1 League Rugby Tournament saw four teams get demoted to ‘B’ Division this year itself.

The demoted schools are St. Josephs College Maradana, Dharmaraja College Kandy, D.S.Senanayaka College Colombo and Kingswood College Kandy. They will now compete with schools in the “B” Division when the second round of the tournament commences shortly.  There will be a tense battle for the two promotion slots to the top division, which will be effective only next year.

Incidentally, except for Darmaraja College Kandy and St.Joseph College Maradana, the other two schools which played in Division 1, D.S.Senanayaka College Colombo and Kingswood College Kandy, got a thrashing from the top ranked schools in the first round games.  The tournament is sponsored by Singer Sri Lanka PLC.