Dr. John Pemberton, a pharmacist in Atlanta, USA was the originator of Coca-Cola in 1886. Together with his partner Frank M. Robinson, Pemberton created the famous Coca-Cola syrup. Robinson was the one who wrote the name joining the two “C’s” in Spencerian script, because he thought it would work well in advertising. 130 years later, Coca-Cola still uses the very same script, the same logo, and delivers the same refreshing and delicious taste and brand promise. Coca-Cola has also created some of the most memorable advertising campaigns that have carried the brand’s message of positivity and happiness through radio jingles, TV commercials, songs and various other platforms.
The 20-ounce PET version of the contour bottle for Coca-Cola was introduced in 1993. The bottle helped distinguish Coca-Cola from other beverages, just as the glass contour bottle had done in 1915

Coca-Cola’s journey in Sri Lanka began 61 years ago in March 1955. Today in Sri Lanka, Coca-Cola has become one of the most loved beverages in the soft drinks market. Following the introduction of Trademark Coca-Cola, other global brands were added to the company portfolio including Coca-Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Fanta Portello, Fanta Cream Soda, Lion Soda and Lion Ginger Beer which provide consumers across the island with a variety of delicious and hydrating beverage options.