The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) called upon the Parliament to swiftly enact a code of ethics and standards for its members which are to be monitored by an independent body.

In a statement concerning the behaviour of people’s representatives within the precincts of the Parliament, President of the BASL, President’s Counsel Geoffrey Alagaratnam said that the people are entitled to demand that all errant persons be appropriately dealt with and be called upon to, at the very least, to apologize.

“Where there is a violation by any member, such must be visited with strict sanctions which should extend to expulsion in appropriate circumstances, to be meted out by the said independent body,” he remarked.

We are however mindful that, even the best of laws and codes would be ineffective unless persons of undoubted civility and integrity are elected to the Parliament and such is the responsibility of the people, he noted.

“These representatives cannot be unmindful of the fact that by virtue of their public office held in trust for the people, they are duty bound to conduct themselves in a manner befitting persons of high public office and be role models in their conduct before the people whether in the Parliament or outside,” he pointed out.