The trailer, teaser and the first look posters of 24 featured Suriya as a paraglider. The film, however, doesn’t showcase the paragliding sequence. The film’s editor Prawin Pudi had this to say about the missing scenes, “In the film, paragliding is Mani’s (Suriya) hobby. It initially featured an intro scene for Mani where he is paragliding as part of National Day celebrations which got cut due to time constraints. It would probably feature in 24 part 2”.

24 part 2? Is the project confirmed? “Yes, such a project is planned.” The director Vikram K Kumar shared a post through his Facebook profile titled ‘24 Decoded’ which had details of sequences in the movie that serve as a link for its sequel. The possibility of Athreya not being killed by Sethu’s gunshot was one such lead discussed in the post. People who have watched 24 closely will be able to confirm that in the visual marking the death of Athreya, only the sound of a gunshot is featured and not the event of the bullet piercing him. And hey! The watch is still working!