The Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) says, Sri Lanka should avoid mistakes done by other South Asian cities, when developing the proposed Western Megapolis Project.

“A center piece of the government’s economic development agenda – the Western Region Megapolis project is set to have a massive urban infrastructure build. But we need to get it right. We must have a strong sustainability focus in this. As a latecomer to urbanization, Sri Lanka has a unique opportunity to do things differently, and avoid the mistakes of some other Asian cities,” said CCC Chairman, Samantha Ranatunga.

He made this observation when he addressed the gathering at the Roundtable Discussion organized by the CCC on “Co-operation for Sustainable Urban Development” recently.

Representatives of Government institutions such the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Sri Lanka Export Development Board and the Western Region Megapolis Planning Project shared their views at the event.