The National Research and Development Proposal which outlines necessary interventions  from  a  science and technology standpoint to solve development related national problems has been approved by the Cabinet, Senior Professor of Physics, Prof. Dammika A. Tantrigoda said.

Emeritus Professor at the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Prof. Tantrigoda added that 10 areas including water, food, nutrition and agriculture, health, shelter, energy, the environment, textiles and apparel, information and   communications  technologies  and  knowledge services, basic sciences and emerging technologies, in which science and technology can be of help to intervene and solve problems had been identified.

He explained that the said interventions included the formulation of policies, pure and applied research, the application of bio-technology, the application of nanotechnology, the application of computer technology, the application of indigenous technology, and the testing, standardizing, accreditation and popularizing of intellectual property rights.

“These focus areas have sub areas where the problems associated with the areas where research and development is needed to  solve matters is looked at.  There are 500   interventions including policies, and rules and regulations. Research oriented towards national development and which addresses Sri Lanka’s problems should be nourished,” he observed.