Artist Muvindu Binoy, who specializes in collage, talks about his journey in the creative world and how he uses visual power to give multiple meaning to a single signifier.

Here are excerpts of an interview with Binoy –

What is the message to be derived from “Divine Thru”?
I don’t believe in conveying messages through art. Especially by making collages.
If the artist needs a little side note to describe his or hers art work, he or she might well as write an essay about their desired topic or make a small power point presentation and present it in front of an audience. However, “Divine Thru” is about accessing the absolute human ecstasy by fulfilling all desires with the excessive use of technology. It’s like we are in a drive thru to our own divine. Eager to become our own gods or at least god-like.

What was the predominant influence behind this title?
How they visualized gods in the olden days. Specially these gestures, postures you see in Hindu gods. The type of “mudras”, the body shapes and sexuality. The most interesting part for me was that, how they portrayed these gods very luxurious. Gold coins pouring out from their palms, wearing shiny gold jewelry and the bright spherical halo as the focus of the entire composition. These are strictly visual observations and I don’t intend to connect any of the interpretations with Hinduism or any religion directly.

You don’t see any sort of simplicity or letting go of your desires by obtaining these god portraits visually. Subconsciously it gives you more of a lavish or a rich idea to consume more and more to access divinity. “Divine Thru” is a rejuvenation of gods and new century-beliefs.

To what extent does your style respond to the social and political context of Sri Lanka?
It’s more of a representation than a respond. I have no immediate interest of addressing any social or political context in Sri Lanka. The ideology of my work is always based on my own dystopia where I see myself as an absolute misanthropist.

My work directly speaks about individualism.

What is unique with the style of art that you present?
Collage gives you the ability to talk in fragments. It has the visual power to give multiple meaning to a single signifier. A shoe is not just footwear, but it has a chance of becoming a head to a human.

Who inspires you the most?
Working as a full time filmmaker I get inspired a lot by watching movies. Artists like, David Lynch and Harmony Korine are the two main figures I identify as my all time influences.
Not just their film work also the fact they use different art forms to express their ideas.

What inspires you the most?
The Internet culture or the contemporary pop culture. How people imprudently go beyond their limitations to achieve what they call “ success “ and I’m okay with that.
For me that’s the reality of being a human being. It’s always trial and error than the absolute.

Is Divine Thru connected to your previous exhibitions and if so how?
Yes it is. This is actually an expansion of The Holy Merchandise (my previous exhibition) but Divine Thru is more focused and precise, where I only talk about common beliefs and political correctness. Visually, The Holy Merchandise had more of a chaotic approach but this time I wanted to use more bright colors and more expressive images of the human body.

Exhibition open from 28 April 2016 to  May 19 2016 at Saskia Fernando Gallery, 41, Horton Place, Colombo 07. Tel +94 11 7429010 (OPEN DAILY 10am to 6pm)