Probably, the movie tried to make the most money and failed miserably. They threw in Thor and got back the evil witch – Charlize Theron (more like resurrected, wasn’t she dead?) to put into making this – out of nowhere blunder. Every time Freya (Evil witch’s sister who is also evil but is good?) uses her powers, somewhere in the back of my head is playing the song – Let it go, let it go! This movie fails so badly that people were not paying attention, why did they have to 3D it?

Long before Ravenna’s death (Evil witch from part 1), she had a sister (which we didn’t know) who had an illicit affair, and a child was born. Ravenna’s mirror had answered that the child would be ‘ the fairest of them all ‘ so she had decided to kill the child, framing Freya’s husband to be the murderer. On finding this out, Freya’s sadness gave way for her suppressed ice power to take full control and she kills her lover. Freya then goes into self exile to the north away from all love and captures kids from surrounding areas training them to be the elite ‘ huntsmen ‘. She teaches her huntsmen to be rid of love and all other human emotions but two of them fall in love – Eric and Sara, Freya keeps close watch on them waiting to pounce on their love and so she does by using her ice magic. Their love falls apart and then the story shifts into present times, during snow white’s rule and the mirror has been stolen so Eric is sent to procure it.

Liam Neeson’s voice is so obvious that he tries to make us understand when the prequel is on and also since the storyline is so distorted, probably the director assumed the movie would be more understandable with a voice over. Casting thought Thor and his smile would be able to keep audiences calm and happy but alas that didn’t work, maybe because Mjolnir wasn’t there. The only scene that barely made it out worthy was a she dwarf hitting on Hemsworth. The CGI in the movie with the goblins seemed like it was probably taken from planet of the apes because that Goblin definitely looked like it had a father who was an ape. The movie screamed ‘ frozen ‘ at every instance and it was difficult to take Freya seriously, all that sadness portrayed by Emily Blunt was for nothing.

Jessica Chastain as usual put up some good acting but in this movie and its sense of falling apart from the beginning, there was no need to make the effort, props to her for still holding up her end of the deal. Hemsworth with his long shampooed hair and his buffness, the elder brother to a Ken doll, played his part in this as a lover boy who recently found out that his Barbie is alive and tries subtle not so charming approaches to make Sara fall in love with him all over again, he smiles too much in this movie. In comparison to the role he played in the previous movie, this one didn’t seem like it had much of an effort put into it.

The sceneries portrayed, the vibrant colours, all help the movie be what it is – a fantasy flick. The presentation of the background is great but what failed so brilliantly was the disconnected storyline which was dwindling on sense by Neeson’s voice over failing miserably all the same. Charlize Theron had declined the role according to sources online due to being offered much lesser than Hemsworth but was later offered the same and was brought back along with Hemsworth to pull off an amazingly confused movie. IMDB has gone out of its way to present the movie with a 6.2 rating. To simply describe the movie, if Lord of the rings was a man and Frozen was a woman then the child would most definitely be The Huntsman- winter’s war. You don’t see Theron in action till the end and you can’t help but view Chris as Thor. This is one of those movies that did not make it as a sequel but to add a little spice to the wound, they mixed up the whole storyline with a prequel and sequel, I mean why? Oh right it is to make the plot more sensible but that didn’t help! The dwarves did well to keep the movie humourous for the least bit, praise the man whose idea it was to keep the dwarves, maybe if more of them were cast, it would have made the movie a blockbuster. How come Freya’s story was never told as a fairy tale for children? Because, they wouldn’t get it that’s why. A rating of 4.2/10 would suffice for the movie.

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