In the ongoing war between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut, the actor’s legal team today claimed that the actress withheld truth from her lawyer. “It is quite obvious that his client has withheld the truth from him, and he has not been privy to the evidence until now,” Hrithik’s lawyers said in a statement.  After Kangana’s emails to Hrithik were leaked allegedly showing the actor in a positive light, the actress’ lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee blamed Hrithik for purposefully delaying the FIR against an alleged imposter who the Kites star claimed was speaking to the actress on his behalf. Rizwan Siddiquee said even in the emails leaked to the media, it was clear that Kangana’s sister Rangoli had informed Hrithik about her account being hacked and she even suggested that they file a joint complaint.
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