The newest leg of the Around the Pearl charity bicycle ride sees participation of international riders.

‘The Around the Pearl’ (ATP) charity bicycle ride was recently concluded successfully with over 30 riders completing a journey 1400 kilometres around the coast.

A new competitive leg was introduced to the event this year which saw the participation of 20 international riders and 50 local riders. The Chalai Challenge is a formidable 75km off-road race through an uncharted coastal route under severe conditions that tested the endurance of the riders. Naser Pourhashemi from Iran won the men’s race with a timing of 02.46.10. Babak Alizadeh also from Iran came in 31 second later to secure the second place and Junaidi bin Hashim from Singapore secured bronze with a timing of 02:47:05.

The women’s race was also fiercely competed with Reyhnane Khatooni Daryan of Iran clocking in at 03:29:01 to clinch the 1st place. Parastoo Bastideharghani from Iran secured the second place and Bhandari Pushpa Kumari from Nepal came in third with timings of 03:30:40 and 03:30:43 respectively.

Around the Pearl (ATP), which is conducted in partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Lanka Foundation (CPLF), took place for the third consecutive year. The aim of the event was to complete 1400 kilometers around the coast to aid in the donation of 40,000 wheelchairs to those living with Cerebral Palsy. To learn more and pledge your support and donation, please log into and