The Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms informed that they were planning to present their report to the Constitutional Assembly by mid May.

Chairman of the Committee, Attorney-at-Law Lal Wijenayake said that the Members of the Committee had divided up into groups and were presently drafting recommendations based on the topics on which submissions had been made by the people (including for an example – the nature of the State, the separation of powers and devolution).

“We have finished mentioning all the submissions of the people and their arguments for and reasoning behind these submissions, in the report,” he added.

He said all the groups comprising the Members of the Committee will meet before the end of the month and will look at the recommendations made by each other’s groups.

“We will then include in the final report, all the recommendations made by the Members including recommendations made by Members opposing certain recommendations made by Members. A further 10 days will be required for translations to be done in all three languages and for the report to be printed,” he mentioned.