Christian Slater doesn’t need a medical degree to know his father is suffering from manic depressive schizophrenia – he says he’s gotten all the evidence he needs from his mother.
The Mr. Robot star just filed docs to get his dad Thomas Knight Slater’s defamation lawsuit tossed, and in the docs he says his mother first told him about his father’s diagnosis. He says she told him Thomas was taken to Bellevue Hospital in a straitjacket in 1972 after threatening to kill her and Christian. He adds his father also pushed his mom into a busy street when she was pregnant with Christian…according to her.

In February, Christian went public with allegations his dad is suffering from manic depressive schizophrenia. Thomas Knight Slater, who’s acted under the name Michael Hawkins, said his son did an interview last year where he described his father as suffering from ‘manic-depressive schizophrenia’.

Hawkins denied the comment and pointed out his son has no medical documentation to make such a diagnosis. In the suit Hawkins says the article resulted in him being ‘blacklisted’ in Hollywood. Christian says his dad, an actor, hasn’t worked since 1988 due to his mental health issues. Slater senior is said to be suing for at least $20 million.