The upcoming May Day celebration could well prove to be a decisive point for the coalition government member, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) as party officials confirmed that action will definitely be taken against all party members who attend the Joint Opposition rally in Kirulapone.

General Secretary of the UPFA added that invitations had been sent out to all members of the party and the alliance.

“The Central Committee of the UPFA will meet after the May Day rallies and take a decision. But this time, we will not stop with mere statements but will take stern action against those who take part in the Joint Opposition rally,” he said.

Meanwhile, SLFP MP, Prasanna Ranatunga confirmed that all members backing the Joint Opposition will participate at the rally at Kirulapone.

Speaking to Nation, Ranatunga explained that the rally was not against the SLFP but against the majority United National Party (UNP) Government. “If the SLFP members in the Government love the party, they should leave their portfolios and join the opposition,” he said.

He added that they would continue with their struggle even if action is taken against them.