The Sun moved from the Zodiac sign of Pisces into the Aries sign about 7.48 pm onApril 13 marking the dawn of another Sinhala Hindu New Year. We have cast a horoscope for the moment of Sun’s entry into the Aries as the basis for making a few predictions about a few events and developments of national significance in store for the people in Sri Lanka for the next year as signified by the principles of mundane astrology. Of course, predictions are to be made giving due recognition to the general acceptance that Aquarius or Kumbha is the Lagna or the Ascendant of Sri Lanka for Mundane astrological purposes.

Freak weatherastrology (9)
Freak weather conditions are to be expected. However, generally weather will be favourable.  Both agriculture and plantations will
contribute in a great
measure towards the country’s prosperity.

Achievements in diplomacy
A marked improvement in relations with foreign countries and a series of successes and achievements in the sphere of foreign
diplomacy will boost the country’s image abroad.

People will take a keener interest in amusements and astrology (7)entertainment and there will be a revival in the fields of arts and literature. However, the death of some prominent figures in the fields of literature and publishing industry is on the cards.

Political confusionastrology (3)
There will be much confusion in the country’s political scene with splits and dissentions in political parties, frequent crossovers from one party to another and formation of new political

Agitation and unrestastrology (1)
However, political clashes and various issues which will crop up from time to time will cause much agitation and unrest among the masses. Anti-government secret propaganda and a steady increase in crime and vice will continue to plague the administration.

Controversies will rage in legal and religious spheres.

Gains from foreign tradeastrology (8)
There will be remarkable gains from foreign trade. A new surge in banking and commercial activity can be expected. Unexpected financial losses are likely to affect the national exchequer. However, unexpected revenue inflows will cushion the impact of such
financial losses.

Ups and downs in the stock market and uneasiness in financial circles are also indicated.

Huge gains from foreign trade, banking

Confusion in political scene with frequent crossovers, new parties

Education and healthcareastrology (6)
Reforms in education and health care services will lead to an improvement in the quality of life of the people in general.

The country’s Navy will achieve
unprecedented successes which will bring honour to the country.astrology (4)

Bids to topple govt
There will be unsuccessful bids to topple the government. The Head of State will survive several threats to his life.