CEO of PickMe, Jiffry Zulfer pasting the shortcode sticker

PickMe Sri Lanka’s first home grown technology company providing a taxi hailing service, will also be the first to have their short public utility service telephone number issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC).

In addition to the app, which can be downloaded to any smart phone using IOS, Android or Windows; PickMe passengers will now be able to hail a PickMe taxi by simply calling the hotline ‘1331’.

CEO of the Company, Jiffry Zulfer says,  “Whilst we are essentially a technology driven company, where customers use an app to hail our cabs; we considered the short code number important because we believe that even those who do not have smart phones should have access to our services.”

The short number, which has been issued exclusively to them by the TRC, will make it that much easier in marketing the service efficiently across different communities.

“Its almost like bringing digital and analogue on to a single platform.   We found it was essential because we are a truly Sri Lankan company who understands the local situation.  Whilst a vast majority of people now possess smart phones, we find that there is still a small segment of society especially amongst the older generation who use the more conventional mobile phones,with no data connectivity.  In other words people who use their phones only to make phone calls.  Since we have a very responsive network, where a cab can be hailed within a 200 metre radius; there might be several instances where these people may need to use our services by calling for a PickMe,” says the CEO.

According to research done by the company, a certain segment of people don’t even use the speed dial facility on a phone.  “Short numbers such as 911 etc. comes handy in the case of an emergency; but it is also important to have short numbers for public utility services and since our taxi service can be considered a utility in terms of easy transportation, we felt a short numberwould serve those who do not use smart phones but would still like to hail our cabs,” reiterates Jiffry Zulfer.

With the latest introduction of vans to their fleet, PickMe offers their customers better choice that would suit diverse transportation needs at very affordable costs.  The light weight large vehicles would also be the ideal solution for long distance tours or large group trips.

PickMe currently operates 4000 taxies in Colombo and the suburbs and have added a number of new vehicles to their fleet as well as extending vehicle categories to vans, apart from their usual sedans, minis, and trishaws.  They are also in the process of extending their services across the island starting with the main cities.  The Company is planning to introduce several new innovations to their app in the near future.