The Swiss Institute of Hospitality & Banking will commence operations in May 2016 in Sri Lanka. It is the kick-off phase for a major business venture spanning a training institution, a hotel property, a school campus, and a marina with a marine park. It is founded by BaSSAG AG and partnered by Swiss certifying and know-how partners including the Swiss Hospitality School Lucerne (SHL) and the Swiss Banking Advisory Academy BBZ from St. Gallen as well as contributions by the President of the University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The school, which will be opened in May 2016, will be a brand on the market, combining affordable education, access to financing for participants, and portable Swiss certification. It will also be the first hospitality and banking school in the world. The location of the institute will be finalized by mid-April.  BaSSAG is a management consultancy company which undertakes special projects for blue-chip companies in Europe and Asia. It is based in Switzerland´s renowned home for education and top training institutes – St. Gallen. Bassag´s experts have set up schools and training institutes for corporations, such as the UBS Wealth Management Campus in Singapore, and executed strategies and change projects for airlines, hotels and logistics companies. BaSSAG is the founding organization of the Swiss Institute of Hospitality & Banking.