Sun God moving in to Aries from Pisces
Marking a dawn of a New-Year in April
Rites of a farming-nation are awaken…
…In serene Sri Lanka – the pearl of Indian Ocean

Time to make a fresh beginning
Pains and conflicts are disappearing
Rise and shine with liberty
April is the month of abundance and prosperity

Good harvest and smiles on every face
Showers of fruits and flowers of fragrance
Precious gifts from Mother Nature
Trust and love among us to nurture

Milk rice and oil cakes
Delicacies for everyone’s taste
Time to get and time to share
Let’s celebrate with love and care

Traditional folk games and children on the swing
Sensational folk dancing and songs to sing
Visiting relatives, we haven’t seen for long
making the bonds and ties among us so strong

Don’t let go these beautiful traditions
Truthful beliefs of a farming nation
Built in harmony with Mother Nature
For the sons and daughters of our future

Let the joy and peace be with you
May all your good dreams come true
As I wish you good health and wealth
Together let’s build a paradise on earth!

Harshana Liyanage

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