Seldom does the sight fall on something so eccentrically beautiful. The primary section of Stafford International School splashed on stage, myriad shades of the rainbow, with the mesmerizing performances at their concert, held on March 31 and April 1 at the Bishops College Auditorium. The event was titled ‘A Rhapsody of Rhythm and Dance’.

Dance is the most recognized means of passionate expression and it was a sight to behold such twinkle toed children, who ranged from grades reception to year five, perform so passionately. These children were able to entertain an auditorium of adults who were clearly not in the least bored to be seated there. From dances to musicals, to solo songs, the kids of Stafford proved that their talent could shine brilliance into a darkened auditorium. Time was not wasted with procedures and so the event with its spotlight shined on the pretty performers, began with a quiet disciplined introduction but elevated with enthusiastic performances.

The teachers had clearly put in their hard work and time into churning out the perfect performances. Every child was provided an opportunity to showcase his or her talent in whatever way possible, be it speech, song or dance. Sakura Seneviratne of Gajithra Event Management, the choreographer, did her absolute best with the help of the teachers which was clearly evident in the amazing performances on stage by the little ones. The minion performance made the delighted parents tune in with the song ‘happy’ eventually bringing them to clap to the beat. It wasn’t only the parents who were enjoying the show but also school officials.

There was a lot of composure before the show started and the arrangements were being made in such an organized fashion that the school’s pre planning should be applauded. The senior students did the ushering and the teachers were helping them, even the Vice Principal Mrs. Julieann Karunaratne was out of her seat helping out. The heads of the school, the Directors Kanthi Wettimuny and Mrs. Lumbini Kaluperuma and Principal Sunethra Taldena are responsible for maintaining high standard of discipline and respect amongst both teachers and students. It goes without saying that the students’ behaviour towards guests and parents vouch for the standard of discipline and respect that the school maintained.

The Bishops College Auditorium was a brilliant choice for the show as the hall was made full use of, in terms of lighting and sound, which is proof of the amount of practice and rehearsing that went into this endeavour. Nature sounds were played on audio during some performances, such as ‘All at sea’, with students performing to these sounds. The event had a mix of different cultural dances, paying respect to every genre of dance with a fusion of different songs. Kids who were no doubt only recently initiated in these dance styles were able to perform with perfection to colourful stage lights and scenic video in the backdrop.

It was a successful endeavour, achieved with the combined efforts of teachers, parents and the exceptional talents of kids.
Stafford International Primary did well to showcase to the audience the talents of these kids. It goes to show that the appreciation of an art form is not lost. The role played by Mrs. Sherine in helping to organize the event and all the other teachers and heads of sections who spent tireless weeks honing the talents of students are exemplary.

Ahmed Sultan
Pics by Sasanda Liyanarachchi

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