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Prison rights groups have written to prison officials calling for Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) Politburo Member Kumar Gunaratnam to be shifted to Welikada from Anuradhapura prison.

The Committee for Protecting the Rights of Prisoners and the Organization to Protect the Human Rights of Prison Detainees criticized the Government for incarcerating Gunaratnam in Anuradhapura as opposed to placing him in Welikada.

Co-convener of the Committee for Protecting the Rights of Prisoners and Chairman, Organization to Protect the Human Rights of Prison Detainees, Attorney-at-Law Senaka Perera said the move, which was a legally sound one, was unfair and constituted a violation of the standard practice with regards to such. Perera alleged that Gunaratnam had been unfairly targeted.

The committee wrote to the prison officials after they had been told that whatever the demands, needed to be conveyed in writing.

The groups, had earlier requested to meet the Commissioner General of Prisons. However, their requests were turned down by Commissioner of Prisons (Operations/Intelligence and Security), H.M.T.N. Upuldeniya, who had asked them to convey their requests in writing (RLJ).


    what is so special about this pleb who overstayed his visa and faced the due punishment.
    personally if i was the judge i would have directed him to de deported at the earliest.most over stayers of visas in countries including the champions of human rights punish them mostly with custodial sentences. so is no big deal.

  • Dalit

    What is so special about Noel Mudalige an Australian Citizen who was born Pushpakumara Gunaratnam and went to Australia as refugee named R M Dayal and then probably claimed asylum saying discriminated by Sinnhalese. He was also known as Daskonin the JVP and probably directly involved in killing Sinhala people in the Karawanella and Kegalla areas..