It was news that the joint opposition Buddhist politicians performed the Hindu religious ritual of coconut cracking at the Ishwara Kovil to invoke curse of the God on the Government whilst the UNP trade unions and politicians resorted to coconut cracking at the Kali Amman Kovil to invoke blessings of the God on the Government. Both Kovils are located in the Munneswaram Hindu Temple premises in Chilaw.

In the first instance, it was a display of the organizers’ and participants’ ignorance of the purpose and significance of the Hindu religious ritual of coconut dashing. In fact, the coconut dashing Hindu ritual is performed to help rid one’s egotism, jealousy and lust and not for revengeful or blessings purposes. The wrong performance of the ritual will have ill-effects on the performers.

Appealing to Hindu Gods by Buddhist politicians to achieve their vicious ends is a foolish and unrewarding exercise. Political duals in religious places of worship should be stopped.
Upali S. Jayasekera