The police will take action against traffic law violators subsequent to examination and analysis of CCTV footage obtained pertaining to the said violations, Police Media Spokesperson, ASP Ruwan Gunasekara said.

The Police last week announced the CCTV Cameras, installed in various parts of the city, would be used to monitor traffic violations.

He however denied reports that notice would be sent to the home of the owner of the vehicle once he or she is found guilty of violating traffic laws. “We will not send notices. We will first investigate the visual, locate the owner and inquire him or her. In the event, the owner was not in the vehicle, or the vehicle was used by someone else, he or she would have to prove it to the police,” he said.

“This cannot be done in a day. It will take some time,” he added.

He also pointed out that in cases where both the Police and traffic signals were in operation, the driver by law had to obey the police.  “There could be cases where the police allow the vehicle to pass through a red light. In such cases, we would investigate whether a police personnel was on duty at the spot at that time. Therefore, we will make sure that drivers are not unfairly penalized,” he added.

He further said the CCTV operations would be limited to Colombo for the time being but would be expanded to other parts of the country in due course.  “Right now, we do not need a huge manpower or money for this. We can manage with the existing resources,” he added.