The whole world admires Sri Lanka as a country surrounded by sea all round, pleasant, climate, and the greenery through the length and breadth of our beautiful country. The soil is so rich that you sow anything, it germinates. The seas are so rich with so many different varieties of fish that others from far and near are plundering ours as we have not explored this rich sea wealth to the fullest. Unlike the desert countries, in our country even in the driest areas there are trees. Though we do have the dry season, there are intermittent showers and we can say that only in Sri Lanka it rains all 365 days of the year. Some African land-locked countries have had no rains for three years in a row! Moreover, there is so much fodder to develop the Dairy Sector fully as in Israel using fully automated conveyor belts and provide all the milk our country needs instead of importing.
Though we may not have Gold or Black Gold (oil), silver, etc we have the best gem stones and some are the biggest in the world. Have we explored this sector to the fullest? Though tea, rubber, coconut, cinnamon, pepper, cocoa, cardamoms (the best in the world) do contribute to the exchequer, our brothers and sisters are toiling in other countries to contribute to the foreign exchange resources. Many lose their lives too in the process!

Some countries have no water sources. They desalinate the sea water and solely dependent on coal and fuel to provide electricity, whereas in our country all the rivers are running and not fully exploited for hydropower and we experience power-cuts.

What situation with these natural resources? In one of our neighbouring countries a senior politician of  bygone era made every household rear cattle. Now, that country is self-sufficient in milk. Due to high population, and less availability of water, hygiene-wise they may not be up to the mark but they allow nature to take care of them. Whereas here nature has provided the best climate, the rich vegetation, plenty of water, high standard of hygiene, yet we experience shortfalls and blame nature for it. Man should tame Nature! Nature doesn’t need people, people need Nature.

Our politicians must seriously implement five-year plans and in line with the growth of population solve all these problems with the gift of the natural wealth of our country. Instead of going overseas for pleasure jaunts, go and learn from the less fortunate countries with natural sources and make our country a model to the world at large.