After having completed his last schedule of Dangal in Ludhiana, Aamir Khan went to the USA for three months. While everyone knows that the actor had gained extra kilos to look the wrestler he plays in his upcoming film, Dangal, here’s some information on what he did in the States to shed the extra weight to play the part of the younger version of his character, Mahavir Singh Phogat.

Aamir had sketched out a daily schedule for himself to train and shed weight. “He used to go for hike on some days and on some occasions his day started with eight-mile walk. He cycled a lot and included a lot of swimming in the last three months to attain a lean look,” informs a source. Interestingly, the actor also used to wake up at 6 am sharp. “Apart from waking up on time, a special diet was also devised for Aamir. He had consumed nothing apart from what was suggested to him,” adds the source.

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