Rub your temples
Tame tension headaches by rubbing peppermint oil, Tiger Balm, or white flower oil on your temples. All three remedies contain menthol, which has analgesic properties.

Get a good pair of sneakers
Is your energy lagging? Though it may be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re tired, exercise – even a brisk walk – can be more effective than a nap or cup of coffee at
fighting fatigue.Get-a-Good-Pair-of-Sneakers
Go fish
If you suffer from dry eyes, up your seafood intake. Salmon, sardines, and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids, which the body uses to produce tears, among other things. Research suggests that people who consume higher amounts of these fats are less likely to have dry eyes.

Eat bananas
People whose diets are rich in potassium may be less prone to high blood pressure. Besides reducing sodium and taking other heart-healthy steps, eat potassium-packed picks such as bananas, cantaloupe, and oranges.

Go for garlic
Adding raw or lightly cooked garlic and onions to your meals may help keep you healthy this winter. Both foods appear to possess antiviral and antibacterial properties and are believed to
boost immunity.

Go-for-GarlicEat avocados
For dry skin, incorporate more avocados into your diet. They’re rich in monounsaturated fat and vitamin E, both of which promote healthy skin. Try them on salads and sandwiches, and even in smoothies.

Try tripala
Avoid constipation and stay regular with tripala, an Ayurvedic blend that is believed to help tone the gastrointestinal tract. Look for capsules of tripala and follow package directions.

Try-TripalaBefriend a bottle
For heel and arch pain, try stretching your foot by rolling it over a rolling pin or a bottle.

Have some honey
Research suggests that honey may be more effective than over-the-counter cough syrup at quelling nighttime coughing. Use a medicinal-grade variety and take up two teaspoonfuls at bedtime.

Drink green tea
Hot or iced, green tea can help rev up your workout. Its catechins, antioxidants and caffeine help increase the metabolic generation of heat. Drink a cup about 10 minutes before exercising.