In comparison to the third quarter of 2015, Sri Lanka’s unemployment rate during the fourth quarter, dropped by 0.7 per cent, latest statistics released by the Department of Census and Statistics revealed.

While the unemployment rate for the third quarter 2015 was 5.0 per cent, it showed as 4.3 per cent in the fourth quarter.

The estimated economically active population is about 8.9 million in the fourth quarter 2015, of which 64.5 percent are males and 35.5 per cent are females.  The total working age (above 15) population who are employed or unemployed during the reference week is identified as the economically active population.

According to the statistics, the estimated employed population is about 8.6 million for this quarter, of which, about 47.2 per cent engaged in Services sector, 27.5 per cent in Agriculture sector and 25.3 per cent in Industry sector..