Over the past 70 years, SOTHYS has offered their clients skin care in areas such as hydration, brightening, anti-ageing, acne and scar removal. Once again, they are stepping up their game by introducing new technology and launching their new improved detox treatment withVitamin C and Glycolic Acid.

Silvacos officially launched their [C] Toxtreatment on the 14th of March at the Hilton Colombo Residencies with a press conference and a demonstration of the treatment. SOTHYS Trainer Anne Chaloncame down from Paris for this training to introduce this revolutionary treatment to the Sothys partner salons. Soraya de Zoysa of the Estheti Centre expressed as to how excited she and the team in Sri Lanka was to be embarking on yet another journey with SOTHYS. She went on to say that doing a programme to detox your skin makes your skin feel refreshed, renewed, softer, smoother and healthier and that the most important benefit ofdetoxing your skin is making your skin look youthful, as getting toxins out of your skin is one of the most important elements of any anti-ageing programme.

The new treatment from SOTHYS carries one of the most potent ingredients that perform the function of detoxifying; Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps lighten the skin tone and also reduce dark marks/pigmentation. The treatment also contains Glycolic Acid for best results in reversing the signs of aging and regaining the youthful glow of one’s skin and actively improves cell turnover while removing layers of dull dead skin. For an added boost in radiance the team at SOTHYS has included extracts from Blackberry and Grape which inhibits the Tyrosinase activity. Additionally, Sophora extract which is known for its brightening properties is also included in this refreshing new treatment.