Apeiron Lanka (Private) Limited – the producer of high quality Cinnamon Toothpicks  to Sri Lankan and exports markets under the brand name ‘Prajapani’ commemorated their existence in the market for 10 years with a steady growth year on year.

‘Pranjapani’ Cinnamon Tooth Picks is a unique product made out of special variety of wood treated with 100% pure Cinnamon oil using a traditional oil impregnation method to obtain the uniformity of Cinnamon fragrance and taste all over the toothpick.
Cinnamon (cinnamon ceylonicm) is a native plant of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka produces the best quality Cinnamon in the world. Cinnamon has a spectrum of medicinal properties including strong antiseptic and astringent properties. Cinnamon is effective against tooth decay, help boost brain activity and creates fresh breathe.