It is another busy day and staring into the computer for long hours, while the brain is whirring, is no easy feat. You could probably relate to trying to keep the eyes open, while stifling a chain of yawns. What is generally attributed to laziness could turn out to be something totally different. It could be a deficiency in oxygen or glucose supply to the brain. A regular dose of physical activity is recommended to boost the production of glucose in the body, which would in turn fuel the brain to stay alert.

Wake up, lazy bones (2)Stand erect and then bend the back and touch the right toe with left hand. Come back to the initial position and again bend your back. This time, touch your left toe with right hand. Do not bend your knees. Repeat five alternative rounds. These are referred to as windmill stretches.

Thigh stretch: grab the right ankle while sitting and pull it towards your back. Hold the position for 30 seconds and release. Repeat for the left foot. Do five rounds for each foot.
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Stand erect with your feet close together. Then, bring your hands together behind the back and pull. This would straighten and stretch your upper body. Hold for 30 seconds, breathe deeply and let go. Repeat four times.

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Stretch yourself
Stretching sends oxygen- rich blood throughout the body and boost the energy levels, which increases alertness. Simple stretches are one of the best ways to combat sleepiness. While sitting, stretch both the arms above the head. Make sure your spine is straight. Then, slowly bend down and touch your toes and come back to the initial upright position. Repeat for 10 times.

Untitled-2Warm up and rhythmic exercise
Next, bend both hands from elbow and hold them up on either side in that position at shoulder level. Keep your legs together. Then, move to the right, by shifting your right leg, immediately followed by the left leg. Make this rhythmic as in a dance move. Then move to the left with your left leg first, immediately followed by the right. Do 10 times for each side.

This could be done while waiting for a document to be printed or for your computer to restart. Stand straight and then, squat down by bending your knees and lowering the bottom. Go down until you are about to sit and then return to the original position. Repeat seven more times. This is an excellent way to tackle sleepiness and boost energy.

Wake up, lazy bones (1)On vigorous side
You might not wanna start sweating in the office, or disturb your floor mates, but vigorous exercises are the most efficient way of waking yourself up. Bend your right foot at the knee and bring it towards the waist. Simultaneously, raise your arms above your head towards the sky. Hold for about two seconds, then put your right foot down along with the hands and repeat for left feet. Do five rounds for each foot.

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