Residents of 18 villages embarked on a protest in the Vavuniya Town blocking the main Vavuniya-Bogaswewa road on March 25 threatening to go on a continuous fast if the authorities did not fix the main Vavuniya-Bogaswewa road.  Chief Incumbent of the Bogaswewa Viharaya, Ven. Thanamalwila Piyananda Thera said that for four years, powers that be of successive Governments had turned a blind eye to the issue.  Cancer patients, those suffering from respiratory ailments and kidney disease, are facing a lot of difficulty due the road not being constructed or reconstructed, he added.

“The existing road is virtually unusable. There are Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims who live in these 18 villages. We seek an urgent solution. We have previously conducted protests, gone on marches and handed over letters to no avail,” he said.

“We challenge at least one of the 225 MPs to turn up here and solve our problem. If not, we may even engage in self-immolation or set the place on fire,” he noted.