Feet tread thousands of miles in one’s lifetime. They support pressure and weight and are exposed to harsh conditions such as dust, microorganisms, germs and extreme weather. Not paying attention to feet not only results in dry, rough and wrinkled feet. It also leaves feet prone to infections, fatigue and injuries, such as cracked feet. It is not necessary to frequent an expensive spa in order to care for feet. It could be done at home, using natural ingredients. Given below is a list of home remedies, for beautifully healthy feet.

Grainy scrub
If your feet are rough and dry, it is important to scrub them at least twice a week. Use the following homemade scrub. Mix three teaspoons of semolina, one teaspoon of gram flour, one teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of milk to a thick consistency. Soak your feet in lukewarm water for 10 minutes. Then use a small brush to slough off the hard parts of skin. Wash away with water and then cover feet with the paste. Massage in circular motion, all over the feet for five minutes and wash off. Follow with the aloe vera gel, as mentioned below.

Aloe vera
After scrubbing your feet, take about two inches long part from an aloe vera leaf and extract the gel. Remove the yellowish substance. Then apply all over feet, including the soles. The cooling gel rich in minerals and nutrients would soothe the soles. This could be applied by itself everyday.ALOE-VERA_Featured-Ingredient

Coconut oil soother
Heat an adequate amount of coconut oil, just enough to soak your feet in. Make sure the oil is only mildly warm before it comes into contact with your skin. Massage oil thoroughly onto the feet, including ankles and soles. Then soak your feet in the oil for about five minutes. Remove from oil and wrap with a hot damp towel for 10 minutes. This could be done daily for a wonderfully relaxing experience.

o-BENEFITS-OF-COCONUT-OIL-facebookHomemade lotion
Honey is an excellent moisturizer and humectant (capable of trapping and sealing moisture from the surrounding). It would heal all kinds of feet ailments, including cracked feet. Mix two tablespoons of milk with one cup of slightly warmed honey. Extract juice from a fresh orange and add it to the honey-milk mixture. Quantity of orange juice could be added according to your thickness preference. If you prefer thin lotion, add more juice. Mix thoroughly. Wash your feet with warm water and slough off dry skin with a pumice stone. Apply the lotion and leave on for 45 minutes. Wash off and repeat twice a day for relief from cracks. This could be stored in a jar and refrigerated for a month.Honey-and-Yeast-Infections


Milk foot scrub
Add about one cup of milk and around seven cups of water to a basin. Soak your feet in this for 10 minutes. Then, add four tablespoons of sugar to half a cup of coconut oil, to make a paste. Apply a thick layer, rubbing in gentle circular motion for 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water and pat dry. Follow with a layer of coconut oil. Repeat daily before going to sleep.