New committee of Royal Turf Club

With the conclusion of the first race conducted by the newly-formed Royal Turf Club [RTC], the stage is now being set for the next few races which will take place on the 10th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of April.

President RTC Suranjith Premadasa and Secretary Lucille Dahanayake, whilst expressing their pleasure at the way their inaugural race was conducted, expressed some concerns regarding certain false impressions that have been created regarding RTC.

“One such myth was that the RTC excluded the Sri Lanka Turf Club (SLTC) from the race and this led to clashes between the SLTC and RTC. This is completely untrue and no such incidents ever occurred and neither would the RTC permit such incidents to occur either,” said Premadasa.

Secretary Lucille Dahanayake was quick to dispel yet another myth, pertaining to the fact that no members from the SLTC participated in the races.

“All SLTC members participated in the races except the Jayaratnes. In fact five, members of the SLTC were present and participated in the races with Isira Dassanayake, former President of the SLTC and a current committee member winning a race, as well as Ajantha de Soyza. Current President SLTC who won a Stake in the Gamini Dissanayaka Memorial Trophy Class 2 1400 Metres race.

Dassanayaka also established an all time record by winning the RTC’s first ever race when his horse Beautiful Lankan won the very first race held by RTC on the 20th March,” Dahanayake said.